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Lincoln Reptile and Pet Centre is one of only a few pet shops that can allow you to not just see our meerkats but to interact and cuddle them completely free of charge.

Alexander and Sergei are our pet meerkats, they have been hand reared from 2 weeks old so love to be around people and love cuddles. Our meerkats have a newly built large enclosure in store so they can roam around and play in their own space as well as have customers enter their enclosure to meet them. We are hoping to have our meerkats in store most days but due to their busy schedule of animal encounter parties they won’t be in store every day as they need time to rest at home.

Meerkats at Lincoln Reptile and Pet Centre

Our meerkats are also available for animal encounter parties along with lots of other amazing animals to visit your party, school or event. Please see our party page for more details and prices.


Although our meerkats are very tame and used to cuddles we do ask when you visit them to remain calm and quiet, we are happy for both adults and children to sit in with our meerkats but you do have to follow our rules whist in with them.

1.  You must be wearing full length trousers or jeans to enter the meerkat enclosure

2.  Meerkats have long claws and sharp teeth and although ours are hand reared they can may bite or scratch if frightened, we allow you to handle them at your own risk but we will not take any liability for any injuries caused

3.  Only 1 adult / child allowed in at any one time

4.  Only 1 visit per customer, per day

5.  Children under the age of 16 must have an adult present at all times

6.  You must remain seated on the seat provided whilst in with the meerkats unless otherwise stated

7.  We have the right to refuse anyone from entry to the meerkat enclosure

8.  If you become agitated or frightened whilst in with the meerkats you will be asked to exit immediately

9.  Young children under the age of 10 must have an adult accompanying them within the meerkat enclosure at all times

10.  Any injuries intentionally caused to our meerkats by customers will be charged for and further legal action will be sought

11.  Before entering the meerkat enclosure we require your full name, name of child (if under 16), address, contact number, and signature to agree to our T & C’s.

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